Wendy Rowe & Associates Ltd - Leadership Development, Career and Change Management
We work with organisations to align capability with strategy
and assist talented individuals to develop their careers and
navigate organisational and personal change.
Are you or one of your senior team -
  • Planning or involved in a restructure/downsize/negotiated exit?
  • Facing environmental or market challenges?
  • Unsettled or understimulated?
  • Losing focus or energy?
What is keeping you awake at night?
  • Planning and managing change or downsizing?
  • Retaining key staff and clarifying career direction?
  • Identifying/enhancing leadership capability?
  • Achieving greater work/life balance?
  • Reinventing careers to match current life stages?
We can work with you or your team to -
  • Develop a comprehensive change management plan
  • Support exiting staff, reducing risk and managing reputation/employment brand  
  • Increase leadership bench strength
  • Assess capability and increase engagement and job satisfaction to retain staff
  • Coach Managers to develop individuals/teams and grow their careers.
For further detailed information review Services or contact us wendy@wendyrowe.co.nz. 
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